evolution… please move on!

It is late 2019, the summer comes to an end and a new chapter for mankind is going to start. The scientists and politicians changed their ideas about what was going on and what needed to happen to stop it over an over. At the beginning it was written that the virus is not worse than a cold and then it changed to become the killer within. Some people lost their trust into science and politics. No surprise there.

Science also has an issue with modelling society. This comes as society is more than numbers and tables and rules. And then there are the news! News need to be told and if there are no real news we tell the old ones but make them a bit worse! Bad news sell! 2 years since then and 2 Chinese and 2 European vaccinations later i am still here. Others were less lucky.

Then came the thing we used to call war. And it was a war of information and a power play between all the powers and the Ukraine in between. The president of Ukraine asks his people to fight and to learn how to fight. Nobody in the west complains about that as if is normal that normal people fight as soldiers. Generally tough to tell who the good guys and the bad guys are.

The war went on and more humans were killed. Who counts them? War is a monster and everyone knows that by now. War feeds on itself and creates more monsters. Monsters do what monsters do and nobody should be surprised.

The ones in power tell the story. It was always like that. The ones who pour the blame now were the ones to be blamed if there would have been anyone strong enough to do blaming. Europeans feel with their neighbors and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and Chechnya are wondering if the Europeans should see a psychiatrist. Dissonance disorder is a serious thing!

3 year that surely taught us one thing: Evolution! Move on! This kind of human can´t be the end. For many reasons.

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  1. Robobekya says:

    “What a time to be alive” I wonder to myself as we go through all these nonsense.

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