about the hunt for miracles

A freakinĀ“ virus hunts man king. Nobody seems to feel safe anymore. This feeling of insecurity, the threat of death and suffering, sucks. I get that. I feel the same.

In order to make things easier on us we are looking for hope. A constellation of the stars, a special kind of medication, a way of breathing, whatever might be out there as an idea has the chance to give us hope. Wrong hope. One bubble after the other will burst. Hope makes us feel warm and cozy while it is not, it is cold and dark. Hope is a lie.

Hope sucks. Not knowing sucks more though.

We all hope and cannot not to. We all lie to ourselves that everything might be fine and we tend to use all kind of magic to make us feel better. And in time everything even works out pretty well. We might say most of the time things work out in our favor. Sometimes things go terribly south and we receive the punch of fate. And this is what it is: a punch of fate! In times things suck. And instead of making as a cozy home and fantasy island we should just realize our place on this planet, in this universe!

Hope fills a gap between the realization of a threat or a desire and the moment things become true or do not become true.

We blame the ones who believe in aliens, brain-chips and mind control, in child eating politicians and code words like “pizza”. We blame them for believing in stuff that cannot be true. And many of the once who blame these people go to church every Sunday – praying to a divine being that controls the universe.

There is always hope if we cannot deal with reality.

I will go looking for my unicorn.

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  1. SleeplessMind says:

    But would it also not be a lie that we believe in the opposite of hope? As in believing that there is no hope we will die in three.. two… One…..? Or maybe not.. perhaps in the next few seconds I will die.

    But I do find this idea of hope interesting. Especially the part about politicians. While we maybe thinking that perhaps we are against a person for their political views perhaps we are in a way helping them flourish and truly become something more of what we hate.

    • nikiloadian says:

      SleeplessMind… yes. We are lost in not knowing but wishing. The space left between not knowing and wishing is filled with hoping. But as there is no connection between the future to come and our wishes and desires there is no space for a thing like hope.
      Still. We are humans. We live on hope because we take us to serious. We think the world is made for us and everything needs to make sense. To realize that in the end nothing makes sense is tough.
      And still. We are what we are as humans. We feel and we help each other. We give other people a reason to be and other people give us a reason to be. Once we realize that there is only together and never only “me”, then, maybe everything will start to make sense.

      • SleeplessMind says:

        I was coincidently thinking about this idea of “us” vs “them” which is quite close to the idea of “we” vs “me”. I wondered how could mankind forget what has occurred such as religion, nationality, language, identity all these things that were reached throughout history. What would the human be able to do without all these beliefs that make us all that made us slowly separated..?

        Yes surely the intentions may not have been what has become, but we, as humans, didn’t start separated. (at least what I was raised to believe)

        But then there is also this idea of our difference make us stronger. Different approaches, is also equals to different solutions or even different problems. What one may see as a benefit the other sees as a drawback…

        So I suppose, from what I understood (please do correct me if I misunderstood) that together with our differences everything will start to make sense..?

        • Imokle says:

          While I do get your point about filling our minds with lies about a made up future, because in the end no one knows what the future holds. I cannot help but also wonder… How does one survive without hope? Imagine if one had no hopes and dreams, what would be the point of living?

          I do agree with you, we are nothing but flesh and bones, helpless creatures who may die tomorrow and perhaps never remembered. But if I always keep this in mind, that in the end my existence doesn’t matter then why should I even bother getting out of bed in the morning?

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