not good and not evil

In times we are not what we hoped or wished to be. In times we do things we were sure would never do and would only happen to others. But then we find us doing these things because we can´t act otherwise. Something in us acts against all the rules and all the ideals around us.

We feel that we are about to disappoint others, that we are going to hurt others. We feel bad and guilty and still can´t act any other way.

This is the source of all hypocrisy and self destruction in our world today.

We need to acknowledge that we are at no moment as good as we want to be. Nobody is perfect and humans a very far from being perfect. People around us need to accept these wrongdoings as they would accepts an accident or a thunderstorm. It is not nice and it should not have happened in an ideal world, but we are in this world, which is far from being ideal.

If bullshit strikes or if we experience a new self it is the responsibility of the acting person to act as sensitive and careful as possible respecting other peoples emotions, desires, wishes and needs. At the same time we need to be honest to ourselves and not to blame others for the things we are going to do or we already did.

Whatever we do not only affects us. Everyone around us will need to deal with the consequences of what we did. Here it becomes tricky. Nobody should hurt others on purpose at any given moment for any given reason.

So what if we start with us with not seeing other people actions as a deliberate act to hurt us but as a force of nature as this is what it is? Is it not our responsibility to prepare for these forces of nature by shielding us against all coming with understanding and knowledge and love and care? What if we perceive the world as a big miracle where everything is possible and nobody is to blame for it. Some actions are sad or painful or disappointing or all of it. Just that nobody is to blame for that, it just went down that road and life will go on. (For the time being)

We can have ideals and we can believe in ideals – as long as reality does not trigger the need to act against them. Only a few have the chance not to betray these ideals. The chance to stick to ideals is not a reason to blame others who did not have the chance. Nothing ever happend or happening to us was under our control, not to the good nor to the bad.

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  1. Imokle says:

    So instead of blaming someone when bullshit happens we blame no one? I’m trying to apply it on today’s politics, in which all countries point the blame towards the others. Things would have probably been different if instead of blaming we fix things…

    I guess it will always happen, those who ruin things will continue ruining and those who fix things will continue fixing…. Will that change? Probably not, no need to blame either way..

    But then how will those responsible for the damage take into account what they have done?

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