not to be

life passes. in times pretty fast. Some believe in an afterlife, some say that they don´t care. The ones who don´t care usually say that it did not hurt before they were born so why should it hurt afterwards. The believers find their way to the afterlife in following rules which come from a different or imagined world.

Did it hurt before? Will it hurt afterwards? There was no before. And as there was no before there won´t be any after. Pain is something felt while being. So there won´t be pain.  As there won´t be anyone to feel it.

The pain is not the issue anyway. Not to be it is. And as we are now we don´t care about the time we were not. We care about the time we will not be.

We think about not being while we are still there. We do so because we might hope to find a way out. The thing is that there can´t be a way out as whatever way out there could be would mean the end of life generally. This as there won´t be any development any more.

So we have this one chance to live and to feel alive. And to give other people around the feeling to be alive and to use this life as long as it might be. We as what we are will leave traces anyway. We are part of something way bigger than us and this something will be there and will have our traces once we are long gone. At least until the unimaginable happens and everything finally gets cold and dark.

So we got this one chance in the here and now. Even if many people before got the same chance we can still feel good about it. Life is great. Death will happen soon enough so better to fill the life with thoughts that make us feel good. In the end we probably won´t care anyway as we had a life that mattered – for whoever.

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