Om Sayed

She was the mother of someone. To be the son of someone who takes care of the doors and the trash makes life for this person not easy. So it is understandable that Om Sayed died alone one night.

Since i am living here there was the smile in the morning then i went to work and in the evening then i came back from work. Recently I saw her getting weaker and less every day. Until there was nothing left.

On the road to work i pass by millions of windows. Behind all these windows there is life and death, happiness and worries, a million times, a billion stories of being alive. On the road i pass by thousands of cars moving to somewhere, coming from somewhere else = a million evolving stories and dramas. Nothing happens only once, every emotion, any thought, one could ever have, was already felt or thought by someone else. Does this not render everything just meaningless?

The universe is in us and only there. We feel it the moment someone smiles at us. This universe is all that matters, it is our ever evolving story..

And for this universe a smile can make a difference.

Rest in peace, Om Sayed.

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