the human error is being human

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This and that

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Fake news alert!

Be aware! The world is a lie! Whatever you are told is just meant to support the hidden kings of this planet! I tell you!

The world is still ruled by believes. What in former time was religion is now Brexit and Trump and all the other happy future fantasies. These believes have a short life but it does not matter as long as the believers get their short glance of heaven. For a short time. Before it turns into a nightmare. And as back then some people who use their mind control a lot of people who do not do so. The trick is to tell everyone not to believe anything but the words of the one in charge. Heard anywhere before? Christianity says hi.

Reality is what many people believe in based on our senses. As humans are not able to see through walls and over a distance we need help to know what is going on. We have scientists and journalists to do so. Their job is to tell the truth as true as is is possible to tell. Most of them do their job. And without them we would have no longer a shared reality to live in. Just think about it: Money, Society, Religion – All ideas which work because people believe in them.

Without trusting in some reality we are lost in nonsense. We have professional people to help us with this reality. Everyone out there has an own mind and different sources of information and in the end it is knowledge that makes the difference. And this gives you also a great tool not to be controlled by other interests: Pop the bubble! Open your eyes! Look around you! It helps!

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no unicorns in the black forest

Did anyone ever see them? No? So you can’t prove that they are not real! And i can see the rainbow! So no rainbow without unicorns! No? See! Unicorns are true.

The magic of negative argumentation: because you can’t see it it has to be true! The thing about science it that it works in a different way: What you can see is there. But….hello? Did anyone ever see love or an electron? For the love, yes, we can actually see it, but we can as well measure it in different ways. For the electron, yes, we can measure it an build some formulas based on what was measured and use this formulas to explain other things and to use it to explain what is going on in our universe.

Nothing of that can be said for unicorns. Unfortunately.

And hell yes, science changes, knowledge changes, it evolves! Science allows that! Science needs to evolve and to be discussed to make it strong. And the magic is: Science works! Airplanes fly, surgeries are done, buildings are built, food for billions is grown. Unicorns didn’t help much there though.

Science describes reality. Unicorns need believers. Science can then analyse the impact of believes on society and cultures and even individuals. Over time we might even understand why some humans start wars for their believe that unicorns have a golden or a purple horn. Anyway, the believe in unicorns, a football team or a nation, all these are just ideas in our heads which unite people against other people.

we are to old for that shit,

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not good and not evil

In times we are not what we hoped or wished to be. In times we do things we were sure would never do and would only happen to others. But then we find us doing these things because we can´t act otherwise. Something in us acts against all the rules and all the ideals around us.

We feel that we are about to disappoint others, that we are going to hurt others. We feel bad and guilty and still can´t act any other way.

This is the source of all hypocrisy and self destruction in our world today.

We need to acknowledge that we are at no moment as good as we want to be. Nobody is perfect and humans a very far from being perfect. People around us need to accept these wrongdoings as they would accepts an accident or a thunderstorm. It is not nice and it should not have happened in an ideal world, but we are in this world, which is far from being ideal.

If bullshit strikes or if we experience a new self it is the responsibility of the acting person to act as sensitive and careful as possible respecting other peoples emotions, desires, wishes and needs. At the same time we need to be honest to ourselves and not to blame others for the things we are going to do or we already did.

Whatever we do not only affects us. Everyone around us will need to deal with the consequences of what we did. Here it becomes tricky. Nobody should hurt others on purpose at any given moment for any given reason.

So what if we start with us with not seeing other people actions as a deliberate act to hurt us but as a force of nature as this is what it is? Is it not our responsibility to prepare for these forces of nature by shielding us against all coming with understanding and knowledge and love and care? What if we perceive the world as a big miracle where everything is possible and nobody is to blame for it. Some actions are sad or painful or disappointing or all of it. Just that nobody is to blame for that, it just went down that road and life will go on. (For the time being)

We can have ideals and we can believe in ideals – as long as reality does not trigger the need to act against them. Only a few have the chance not to betray these ideals. The chance to stick to ideals is not a reason to blame others who did not have the chance. Nothing ever happend or happening to us was under our control, not to the good nor to the bad.

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not to be

life passes. in times pretty fast. Some believe in an afterlife, some say that they don´t care. The ones who don´t care usually say that it did not hurt before they were born so why should it hurt afterwards. The believers find their way to the afterlife in following rules which come from a different or imagined world.

Did it hurt before? Will it hurt afterwards? There was no before. And as there was no before there won´t be any after. Pain is something felt while being. So there won´t be pain.  As there won´t be anyone to feel it.

The pain is not the issue anyway. Not to be it is. And as we are now we don´t care about the time we were not. We care about the time we will not be.

We think about not being while we are still there. We do so because we might hope to find a way out. The thing is that there can´t be a way out as whatever way out there could be would mean the end of life generally. This as there won´t be any development any more.

So we have this one chance to live and to feel alive. And to give other people around the feeling to be alive and to use this life as long as it might be. We as what we are will leave traces anyway. We are part of something way bigger than us and this something will be there and will have our traces once we are long gone. At least until the unimaginable happens and everything finally gets cold and dark.

So we got this one chance in the here and now. Even if many people before got the same chance we can still feel good about it. Life is great. Death will happen soon enough so better to fill the life with thoughts that make us feel good. In the end we probably won´t care anyway as we had a life that mattered – for whoever.

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beneath the surface

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being alive. or so.

We think so we are, someone said. But what are thoughts? And even if we think are we what we think we are? Are humans as special as they think they are?

On the one side I think surely yes. As humans are the only ones who can use their mind to develop stories way beyond reality. Only humans have a thing called religion and only humans are afraid of monsters and aliens. So. yes. special.


A thought seems to be something which is based on electrons moving along certain routes in our brain. Our senses are able to see the world in a certain way. Based on what the senses sense a signal is sent along a nerve until the signal is strong enough to trigger an action in the brain. No need to understand completely what happens then. The only thing we need to understand is that the thing out of our brain is a thing that talks to another thing (nerve, neuron or electron) in order to move many things (thought). So the connection is between the thing outside of our mind with a thing inside our brain. So a thing connects to a thing to trigger something we call thought. What the trigger from the outside does to the inside is based on the individual story of the thinking brain. This and the genetic coding makes the difference. Besides the genes all the rules in the brain are learned or experienced (language for example).

So a thing talks to a thing based on rules we had no control over. And all this makes then the thing we call thought.

Emergence. Of course. The outcome is more than just the sum of the parts. It is said. Emergence is only described by humans. It is the human mind that sees these things based on the ability of the human mind to fantasize. The human mind needs proper boxes with things inside to be able to function. Each box is labeled with its content like “society”, “home”, “family”. This goes well as long as nobody asks to open the box and to take a deep look inside. In these boxes there are other boxes and in these boxes there are other boxes, until nothing is left. The human mind works with labels which stand for certain ideas about something. These ideas are mainly based on the culture the mind was taught to function in. Emergence is one of these ideas. There is no thing called “society” or “religion” or “me”. All these are just labels on mainly empty boxes.

So I am sitting here and writing and saying at the same time that it is not me who does that. As weird as it can go.  It is me. But. I learned a certain language which gives me certain rules to put things into words. The style of writing is mainly owed to the authors I read before,  and same for the the knowledge in my mind. My emotional world is based on the genetic set and the mainly uncontrolled reality I find myself in. I type on a keyboard and see what i wrote. While reading another thought emerges based on what my eyes see on the screen and what my mind makes out of it. Sometimes i make a brief stop to find the words for something that i want to say. The wish to find the words for something is based on the evaluation that something is wrong or missing. This evaluation is done based on the set of rules in my mind. This set of rules says the argument needs to be logical and consistent. So it is the things in the past and the things happening now triggering certain reactions which make my hands write what I write. Still I am not a machine. At least not a simple one. And if one then a special one which changes its source code all the time.

But even if i know better, i  cannot not feel like a thinking thing. This makes things tricky.

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once we are not

…and the short time in between we are. There are aeons before and aeons might follow. And we did not care before nor will we care afterwards. It is said. This would mean that back then there was a me that used the senses and the mindset to realize an environment. As far as I can tell there was no me nor any sense. This argument triggers the next question: What can i remember? But first the question if we should care about what was before and what might follow.


Everyone´s personal story started the moment the senses filled the mind with information. This is the information we remember or we don´t remember. The decision if there was a time which was painful or not depends on the things we are able to remember. What we are able to remember is strongly connected to working senses. The moment we are not are no working senses anymore. So the argument is nor valid as there was no me – back then.

Now we are. Now we have senses which fill our mind. And of course it is not nice to let something go as precious as this. It might not bother us once we are gone, true. But this only because we are not and can´t evaluate the situation anymore. So we tend to spend a lifetime to be bothered about this moment in which we will lose the ability to remember. And hell yeah! It is fuckin´spooky!

There is no solace to offer. There is this one life we have to live in the best way possible.

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Dahab in June

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