Developing story

A few weeks ago I was talking about what could be a general rule for humans to be able to deal with one another.

If we start with the idea that humans can do whatever makes them feel good as long as they do not hurt anyone on the way making us feel good, then all is good. Or not. If we even say that this rule is not only for humans but for all animals and life out there, we are screwed even more.

Whatever we do there is always someone or something that will suffer based on what we did to make us feel better. We eat, we love, we live. If we eat something else needs to die. If we love someone else is not loved. If we live the life we are living half of the planet is missing this life. The list is endless.

The idea to not hurt anyone or anything is obviously impossible to realize. What else then?

Time changes. Knowledge changes. The human is the animal that controls the planet. (Until a stupid virus comes along…) While we are running the show we learn that we are not that special as we thought we are. Like all other animals we are running behind a development nobody ever was discussing or analysing: future happens. Curiosity pushes humans in the future to come.

So. Maybe. It is not about happiness at all. For nobody. Maybe it is not about living a good life and feeling loved and needed. Everything around us is not like that. Why should the animal human follow this idea?

Human ideas like good and bad, gods and demons, souls and the free will slowly fade into the darkness of the past. If we look at all the findings of science during the last decade – it cant be about us as perceived individuals.

But what then? What if nothing really matters anymore? Maybe the movie Matrix was not the nightmare it seemed to be after all. Maybe this would be the only way to give all humans the same reason to live without hurting anyone or anything else. Maybe we do not need to go that far. It might be enough to realize that the universe does not revolve around us. At all. And while realizing that we might show some respect to everyone and everything around us. All living things are prisoners of this round space-racing cosmic bubble.

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  1. SM says:

    While it is hard to put into practice, the idea that this universe doesn’t revolve around us and maybe we don’t matter is quite calming to experience. Like the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck puts it, we give too much credit to us humans.
    It has even reached a point where death is a phenomena that should be removed. To defy death forever. To stay immortal and never leave. We want to hold on to this world too much that death isn’t just bad, it is a nightmare. But we forget, life goes on regardless who dies. When we die, it’s not the end… yet. Perhaps it could even mean the beginning.

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