no ghost in no shell

Folks are going to their holy places in order to talk to their holy being. Everyone her or his own believe it says. No issue there. I for example believe in pink unicorns and nobody can tell me not to do so. All religions tell you that you need to listen to your inner voice, to your soul, in order to find the real reality. Pink unicorns it is.

Until now this was not a real problem.

Until corona decided to control our life. Some people decided to listen to science, others did what they were taught: Listen to your inner voice. And the inner voice is scared and can´t deal with the changing world. So the inner voice needs to feel okay and says: All not true. All made up to control you. All just a fantasy of someone out there. I know it, i feel it! What i feel is true!

And then we normal people go to our holy place and pray to our holy being that the others please should wake up and will see the reality!

But my pink unicorn is not listening and there are still so many people out there who prefer to listen to their inner voice! I am wondering why that is. For real.

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  1. Imokle says:

    Pretty sad that most of us were raised to think in a certain way or to listen to certain voices. I do know a friend who’s parent is all about anti vaccine and how it’s here to take over. My friend doesn’t even try to form his own opinion. Just conforms and believes. Sad.
    It starts with what we were fed as young.

    Then there are others, who decide to divert. Thinking about unicorns. Not an easy journey I would say as I myself have been trying, but it’s difficult. Especially since I’ve been raised to not question.

    Some people give in and don’t bother to swim against the tide. It’s easier that way anyway.

    Perhaps this might be an answer to your why….

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