This is the story about almost everything that comes to my mind…  in pictures and in written words, most often in english, sometimes in german. German may happen in case I have things to say, which should be said in my mothers tongue…Klartext!

The blog is about general observations and my particular research topic about human becoming in an intercultural context. The blog is used to sort out thoughts, to hunt the truth, – but surely not to tell the truth. Thoughts are best developed while being expressed.

Feel very free to comment! Would like to read your contributions as well!


Nikolai Burger, Cairo 09.2010 – last update 12.2013

2 Responses to About

  1. Julien says:

    A new reader of your very interesting thoughts, I am very impressed and interested. Not sure How (damned 21st century!) I am supposed to be noticed of your posts though. Anyhow lots of your posts to catch up with anyhow for the time being…. Live long and prosper! J

    • nikiloadian says:

      Julien! Thank you! these kind words from you saved my day! year! Aaaaand done… but i am kinda slow… so dont expect too much…

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