Are they all too stupid…?

…or is it me?

In times it is so hard to even get the tiniest piece of an idea why some people do what they are doing. Their actions seem so stupid and without reason or even worse – against everything we believe in..

Probably they think the same of us.

Humans decide based on emotions. We like and dislike things based on who we became and who we are still becoming. So here we are as the one we are and we need to be. So we act. And as we don´t like to act alone we find people who just feel the same as we do. And everyone tells everyone that they are so right! Welcome to the bubble!

What is wrong and what the fuck is right?

We might ask the people right around us to answer the question. Probably we like the answer and we will feel better to know that we feel the right thing and do the right stuff! Maybe there is the chance to ask someone a bit far from the people usually around us. The answer we will then hear will make as sad or angry or crazy. But it is just another reality for someone we share the planet with.

Still! What the heck?

There are these ideas I personally do not want to share the planet with! At all! Actually there are many of these ideas around. There are people who act and think along roads i would not even put a step on.

So many ideas out there I do not agree with and I do not even WANT to understand. And probably this is the rule for everyone out there. So many believe systems with their very own line of argumentation – within each system the line or argumentation makes sense. (Kind of).

So. How to deal with that.

Behind every fuckin´idea is a human being who thinks this idea and acts upon it. Maybe we start from there. If people feel under pressure it is more likely that they are not able to have a space in their mind to cross-check their emotional reality. Angry people act angry, scared people act in whatever way. So if we start with the human being behind every fuckin´idea we best start with ourselves. Why are we believing, thinking and doing what we are doing? We analyze ourselves and the reasons why we are NOT okay with an idea. After doing so we throw all arguments which are based on dogmatic believe systems (the man on the moon said so!) and pure cultural ideas (my society does so…) into the hazardous stuff container for further analyzation later on. Everything left behind could at least be used as arguments in any upcoming discussion. Once we filtered everything the man in the moon said as well as some cultural amazement there might not be much left though, – but the idea that all humans have the same rights and feeling and desires as we have. This as the core of everything and the basic rule of everything we would at least be able to deal with each other.

This is only valid for the ones who can actually control their actions and think before they act. This would be the end of the rule of man kind. No harm done here.

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