the curse of the pattern

So here we are as human beings: We see faces in the clouds and we see monsters in dancing shades thrown by the candle (okay, maybe the monsters are real…). We tend to see things which are not there. This is the Ninja way of becoming human: recognize the tiger in the woods before it recognizes you. Pattern seeking seemed helpful back then in a simple world.

Now it is 2020. The world is way less simple. Perceived threats all around us: people, traffic, animals, sounds, buildings, ideas, words etc. At the same time we need to make sense of everything happening around us. We need to feel that we are in control. Unfortunately we are not. There is no reason out there. Things just happen. No big plan of dark forces needed.

I hear your argument, dear believer. Still i do not agree with the idea that i am a sleeping sheep that is led to the slaughter. I believe that i am the one who is able to deal with reality and you are not. Reality sucks, we both agree on that. It sucks even more that we can not blame anyone for all the fuck-ups happening around us. Bullshit happens for no reason. That´s one of the basic principles of bullshit.

Be strong. Accept your role in the universe. Guide other people into the light. Ignore the dancing monsters.

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