no unicorns in the black forest

Did anyone ever see them? No? So you can’t prove that they are not real! And i can see the rainbow! So no rainbow without unicorns! No? See! Unicorns are true.

The magic of negative argumentation: because you can’t see it it has to be true! The thing about science it that it works in a different way: What you can see is there. But….hello? Did anyone ever see love or an electron? For the love, yes, we can actually see it, but we can as well measure it in different ways. For the electron, yes, we can measure it an build some formulas based on what was measured and use this formulas to explain other things and to use it to explain what is going on in our universe.

Nothing of that can be said for unicorns. Unfortunately.

And hell yes, science changes, knowledge changes, it evolves! Science allows that! Science needs to evolve and to be discussed to make it strong. And the magic is: Science works! Airplanes fly, surgeries are done, buildings are built, food for billions is grown. Unicorns didn’t help much there though.

Science describes reality. Unicorns need believers. Science can then analyse the impact of believes on society and cultures and even individuals. Over time we might even understand why some humans start wars for their believe that unicorns have a golden or a purple horn. Anyway, the believe in unicorns, a football team or a nation, all these are just ideas in our heads which unite people against other people.

we are to old for that shit,

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