Fake news alert!

Be aware! The world is a lie! Whatever you are told is just meant to support the hidden kings of this planet! I tell you!

The world is still ruled by believes. What in former time was religion is now Brexit and Trump and all the other happy future fantasies. These believes have a short life but it does not matter as long as the believers get their short glance of heaven. For a short time. Before it turns into a nightmare. And as back then some people who use their mind control a lot of people who do not do so. The trick is to tell everyone not to believe anything but the words of the one in charge. Heard anywhere before? Christianity says hi.

Reality is what many people believe in based on our senses. As humans are not able to see through walls and over a distance we need help to know what is going on. We have scientists and journalists to do so. Their job is to tell the truth as true as is is possible to tell. Most of them do their job. And without them we would have no longer a shared reality to live in. Just think about it: Money, Society, Religion – All ideas which work because people believe in them.

Without trusting in some reality we are lost in nonsense. We have professional people to help us with this reality. Everyone out there has an own mind and different sources of information and in the end it is knowledge that makes the difference. And this gives you also a great tool not to be controlled by other interests: Pop the bubble! Open your eyes! Look around you! It helps!

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