the thing with doors

A space is often filled with something.

Sometimes the space itself as well as its only content are ideas. Different ideas though.

The space might be defined by a certain culture or habit or general circumstances. The idea might be very alien to the space or might be grown within the space.

To organize ideas within a given space a practical thing is a room with a door. All ideas which belong to a particular topic are shoved into this room and a sign is put on the door: Everything about me. For example.


Now. There are these special ideas. These ideas come from an area there no spaces nor doors are known, an area which is as old as mankind itself. An area which is not affected by spaces and doors.

These ideas have a special room. A special room with a special door which is always locked and not to be opened by all means.


The one who decides (if there is such a thing as “to decide” – which I personally strongly question) that the door is to be kept closed and locked is the individual: the keeper of spaces. The door is kept shut for the simple reason that an idea can spread like a virus. The idea will infest the space and will change its very structure: the space will be sick. Sick is how people which are used to share the same space will call the infection.


The sick idea could transport a belief, an emotion, a very thought or everything else which could be expressed in language. An idea which can’t be expressed is not infectious. An idea which cannot be expressed can’t spread. Much more dangerous are the ideas which might be formulated, the ideas which might spread and develop into a disaster. Disaster will strike if the organism itself (the culture, the environment, the society) deals with the idea like an immune system would deal with an infection: It is fought until its gone.

Like the immune system collateral damage within the space itself is likely. It is also likely that the immunes system starts to fight the body and that it develops anti-organism to keep the structure clean in the future.


All humans know this immune reaction since the very childhood. Not everything can be done or can be said or even thought.

The immune reaction of the organism will be even stronger, if the threat is higher and the idea is shared by individuals. A shared idea which might be seen as alien to the overall thinking space is the worst case scenario and needs to be combated with all possible means.


This is why some ideas are kept locked up. A time might come for these ideas as well. Nothing is forever. Things change. Slowly, but they change. Already this thought could be perceived as a threat.


A priest or a therapist are among the only persons an individual might be able to share an idea with because there won’t be a threat for the individual itself or the individuals the idea is shared with. This only works because a priest or therapist are not allowed to spread the idea by law. These professionals need to keep the idea and therefore there is no threat and no immune reaction. Nevertheless a graveyard of ideas. Dead but alive.

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