Yesterday… as usual I was listening to D-radio Kultur… Topic was how to help Africa. The first caller answerd this question, and he was serious about it, that the best way to help Africa would be, to colonize it again because these people can’t help themselves. My brain switched immediately to emergency mode and tried its very best to keep me calm.

But it didn’t work out. The reason why it didn’t work out is, that the rest of my ablity to think told me, that the guy who called the radio station is not alone with his strange ideas. I also know some people at the GUC who are really serious about the fact, that they are the better ones and that it is a waste of time to teach Egyptians because they can’t, they don’t want and for sure, they are not developed enough to understand, what we, mighty and thoroughly educated, Europeans want to teach them.

This way of thinking is the reason for a lot of struggle. The better way would be, first to understand the culture and the people we are acting in and with and than to think about how to implement our knowledge in this culture and in other ways of thinking. Things are different, but not worse.

And then I followed the discussion about the strategies to prevent that all these africans come to cross the border to the EU. And I felt really bad. I am a well welcomed guest in this country and never had a problem because of my nationality. These people did’t have the luck we had. That’s it. We are nothing special, we are only the lucky guys. And we dare not to share our luck? I know, it is more complicated than this. But we should think of different ways of how to deal with other humans.

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  1. Sister says:

    ok, a very belated reply….but words like that are one of the many reasons I love you.

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