summer break

The temperatures in Egypt are almost unbearable at the moment. It is hot all over the day and also during the night. Only the slightly moving air in our flat keeps us alive… somehow. Almost all students are spread all over the world while we have to stay on campus and are awaiting the summer academy. And it is almost like in January… as soon as the semester break started, the crowds are out in the streets to start the second part of the revolution and to demand that their needs and wants are met. But almost nobody is demonstrating for something, but everyone is protesting against something. And the demands of the protesters go in a million different directions, even if they all stand on the same place to protest. To be against something unites at the moment, but what will happen as soon as the demands go obviously in different directions? What will happen before September will happen now. In August is Ramadan and nothing will happen there, I suppose. And in September are the elections.
At the moment it does not feel like the days before the 25th of January. People are tired and they are afraid.
But today people went back on Midan Tahrir to protest against the military council. And for the first time these people used violence against an alleged thug. They beat him and stripped him naked. A new level has been entered right now. And things can change fast.

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  1. nikiloadian says:

    Ok… wrong… elections are postponed and the ruling military does not allow any foreign supervision of the election… and the people want to demonstrate also while Ramadan…

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