happy new year…

…Egypt. And of course as well to the rest of the world.We will see, what the year will bring. I do not expect any better than the last few thousand.

The reason for this just left my office. I had a very interesting discussion with a student concerning human errors.

Nobody is free of these errrors. The problem is the lack of ability to admit them. For several reasons. One of these reasons is, that we can’t see them. For several reasons. Sometimes we can’t see them because we do not want to see them. And this is the tricky thing.

It takes some energy to find an opening in the own cocoon to slip through to see the big colorful picture. And once we see the big colorful picture it might happen, that we detect the errors in it. But the cocoon protects us and makes the world easier for us.

The cocoon keeps all the prejudices and half-knowledge and hypocrisy we have inside and therefore makes the world easier to understand. And the cocoon keeps away all these realities and facts, which would make our life a bit more uncomfortable. It takes a real effort to leave the cocoon against all antagonism of society and culture to gain a free sight onto the picture.

This is human. This is part of our ancient heritage. Even if we developed a complex brain, we still have to stick to the same thinking and perception tools. Bad luck. But maybe we should spend some effort to try it. Makes things more difficult but the possibility that two people find the same base to talk to each other and to understand each other is much higher. And of course, Designer need this way of thinking as an essential tool. Self-explanatory.

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  1. Sister says:

    I don’t know….personally I think people are simply too lazy to change. To think. To question sth. Or someone. Especially oneself. That’s the tricky thing…to finally see the obligation to question your own actions, your own thoughts. Obligation. Every day. Take nothing for given. Nothing for granted. It’s kind of laborious but the only way to change things. To change oneself. Humans are afraid of change. Period. But life IS change…has to be. No progression equals regression. And like you said…the only way to break free of your cocoon is to look beyond the rim of your teacup. And once you’ve realized that, there’s no “I can’t do that” or “I am afraid” or “I don’t want to”….cause there is no other way to make this stupid world a little better.

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