lost we are, anyway

Nothing to win. Everything to lose.

We have a life. Only one. The one chance to live it. The one change to find the right way.

Anyone mentioned here something about a secret path called the Right Way? Who is talking about this secret path nobody is ever able to find? It is just the ugly truth that there is not such a thing as the right path. There is a path which is always under construction and still no other one than that available. Many people build this path. People we know and people we don’t know and most probably people we will never know. We walk on a path other people build for us. We also live in houses other people build for us. In the end everything around us is made by other people. Including us.

Guilt. What is that based on what is said before. Guilt, this burning stone in the chest that takes away all energy, that turns into depression or aggression. This monster guilt feeds on us and feeds on the fear of what other people will think about us or will feel about us. The guilt mirrors more or less what we would feel if the things we did would have been done to us. And here the reasons for feeling guilty go way deeper than the obvious ones. Guilt is the necessary outcome of being human. The world tumbles and turns and the human is an imperfect being. Guilt is a wrong idea. A good idea would it be to find a way to deal with the shit that happens. Because it happens.

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