the shepard left the green…

… long ago. And the sheep realize it just now.

So the sheep are scared. Nobody to feed them, no shelter, all the other sheep over the hill and not at last the weather! So they think.

The thought takes over and becomes fear. The ugly clouds of fear make it tough to think through. So the sheep decide that something needs to be done. Something needs to happen. Before the fear becomes real.

Nothing should be allowed to change!

So the sheep build walls. They tell themselves the tale of how tough life might be. The story how everything could be without the wall and without the tough decisions to be done makes the round. Sheep talks to sheep and the cloud grows.

Some sheep remember how good the time was when the Shepard took care of everything. So the sheep decide that they need a new shepard. One of them should do it. All the fear and this dark cloud: Only the strongest one could keep them safe! They need the one who gets things done and who does not care about stupid rules!

So it goes. They get the one. And they are not alone. Behind all the green hills are sheep who do the same. The cloud of fear darkens the sun. Nobody new where it started. The surviving sheep remember how it ended. The cloud found a way to become real.

“There is no way out” the surviving sheep say. Sheep are pushed by their fears. And a sheep can´t be a shepard. Fear needs to feed on itself. So it needs to find reasons. So it becomes real.

If the sheep would have the possibility to go back in time they would say: Take the change! The world always changed! It will come as it comes. And the worst thing to do is to be afraid of it. What is helpful is collaboration and the preparation of the best future possible. Hope. Not fear.

If the sheep would just have another chance.

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