back in Cairo…and everything is different…

…and back in a completely different world. The students are suspended from university due to accusations that a few would act in an offensice way against figures in relation to the university or its establishment itself. The teaching is suspended for one week since Saturday. Each party accuses the other one of false accusations without going into details. A Video on Youtube showing a masked man throwing a gas canister towards the gates of the GUC has been removed today upon accusations, that the Video does not show the truth but was staged. The University buildings are almost empty and only the staff is there, wondering, what an university without students is about.

Most probably the open questions are just postponed and not solved. So we have to wait for next week, to see, what will happen. Some german professors who are affiliated with the GUC were quoted saying that special situation need special treatment. The question is, if they would use the same words in relation to their german students at an university in Germany. Once again it is difficult to decide, how to deal with the situation.

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