absurd reality mixture

…things are developing to the worse at the moment. Although it feels somehow different than in January. The tension in the City is not as high as then and life is going on quite normal. Even in the discussions on campus the latest development is not a big topic but among foreign colleges.

A few kilometres from here are people fighting and also dying. But life goes on in the rest of the Cairo as nothing special would happen. Special perverted is this on facebook, where news about Midan Tahrir mix with news about private cooking habits and the latest movies. But… anyway…that’s is – this is the real world.

Military ones again explains that they would protect the revolution. At the same moment there are Videos on the Internet which show like military dressed people beating up other people. And once again it is the foreign hand which sparks the protests, as a military genaral announced today.

This time there is no Mubarak. It is a confrontation between the military council and the people on Midan Tahrir. And we will see, how it goes.

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